Sunday, March 1, 2009

All Blogs Go To Heaven

Tragedy has struck and my ambitions to keep photo blogging have suffered a serious setback; my laptop has totally stopped booting up and is completely dead. This means that for my last week in Uganda I am limited in my ability to follow the Vancouver Canucks, keep current with Obama's incredible plans to rebuild the United States, and unable to process and post photos to this blog. I still have my iPhone (the most incredible travelling companion ever, I can't describe how useful it's been here), upon which I'm writing this, so I can still make text postings. You'll just have to wait a week or so till I get back home for me to update it with photos. If it's any consolation, the portraits I've been taking of the kids look pretty great and I think they will be worth the wait.

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback, it means a lot.

If anyone cares to email or FB me the scores of Canucks games, as well as say 'hi', that would be much appreciated.

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