Saturday, March 7, 2009

And In The End, The Love You Take....

I wanted to complete this blog in Africa. Unfortunately, because I'll be processing and adding photos after I am back, it will have a bit of a trailing ending.

I'm on the porch drinking my last coffee in Africa for this trip and I'm terribly sad to be leaving. This trip has been an amazing chapter for me, one that has changed me. All the things that people tell you about Africa are true, but that doesn't prepare you for the direct experience of how true they are. Jon, if you're reading, you were right, it gets into your blood.

I'd like to find an organization to work with to keep doing support work in Africa. If you know any please refer them to me. I've also picked up a few good, small, 'on-the-ground' causes that I am going to be supporting, if anyone cares to join in.

Thanks to everyone who helped me get here with donations and support. While I was the person who was 'in-country', this was a group endeavor and I hope I availed myself well.

I'd like to thank all the friends I met in Africa. The amazing UJV staff who put up with the loud, sweaty white guy with the huge camera. Brent and the Mengo White trash, and Leffke. Of course I'd really like to thank Nicole, my travelling partner and the person who got me here. Lydia and Lana, my stylish bushwomen mentors for taking me with them to Acholiland, that was one of the best things that I've ever done. Lydia, good luck with the wedding. Lana, well you know.

I'd like to thank the kids at the UJV. You are an amazing bunch of people and I look forward to watching you grow up and seeing the incredible people I know you will become. You are my little brothers and sisters and I will miss you every day until I return.

I have really gotten a taste for blogging and I intend to keep doing it at;

I'll be posting new photos and words there. If you care to hear about my struggles with culture shock, economic recession, and reintegration into Canadian culture that would be the place.

In closing, I'd like to thank the people who've read or followed this blog. I have no idea how many you were, but based upon the huge amount of feedback I received it was more than I expected. As amazing as Africa is, at times I felt lonely and knowing that someone was reading helped ameliorate that.

Photos Pending.

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  1. Hey Adam, Dave here. I haven't quite fully dug into your Africa blog yet but I wanted to let you know that the link under doesn't match the text. I had to copy/paste to get to your other site.