Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Kids are Alright

I didn't just come to Uganda to be a tourist, I came to hang out with the kids at an orphanage called the Ugandan Jesus Village. I've been asked why I haven't posted anything about them. Well, I've been hanging out with the kids for over a week now, getting to know them and getting them used to me and the camera. I've heard some of their stories, any of which is horrific, and I've spent some time hanging out with them. I wanted to wait a little before I started slapping photos of the kids up on the internet, respect their privacy. So until now I've kept them out of my posts, but I think it's time for some introductions.

Some of the children of the UJV;

The kids are all Acholi's from northern Uganda who were orphaned by the war with the Lords Resistance Army. Many of them were either soldiers or slaves with the LRA, whom they refer to just as "those rebels" as in "Those rebels might just cut your arm off for no reason" or "those rebels killed both of my brothers but I escaped before they got me", both of which are quotes. They mostly range from about 6-15 years old, but there is a 2 year old and an 18 year old as well. They are wonderful kids and all of them seem to be sharp and talented. I suspect that being captured and escaping from the LRA and surviving as an orphan tends to be a rather effective natural selector which is why they are all so exceptional.

As I mentioned, the children are Acholi's, a group who are known as being physically strong and aggressive. The kids are capable of jaw dropping physicality. Watching them while they are dancing, playing football, climbing on things, throwing a ball around, or even just playing marbles is very impressive.

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  1. I don't know how to describe how it feels to see these photo's. I've been waiting for them patiently and now I'm overwhelmed. These are moments captured by you, you only.
    The children really own their physical abilities, especially with their feet and legs. Their flexibility looks amazing. They definitely posses a look of survival, hard.
    There is a depth to the expressions on their faces. Some of them weary, some of them planning the next step but all simply grateful to be alive. I am absolutely in love with these photo's. Being who you are, you can't help but affect those who are around you and these pictures are sheer evidence of that. Although I miss you dearly I now have a deeper understanding of why you are there and applaude you and your effort in all this. Big kisses and again, you are most beautiful!