Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama and I in Africa

Firstly, I am posting about 20% of my daily experiences, and about 1% of my photos. Im trying to keep abreast but there are only 24 hrs in a day, and only about 20 in Africa.

I watched the Obama inauguration in a crowded restaurant in downtown Kampala (my plan to go to his fathers home village in Kenya became wildly unattainable once I got here). It was a pretty spectacular moment and probably a good deal different than wherever you watched it. You know that Africans are obsessed with Obama, but you must be here to understand how much. For instance, his name is an exclaimation of excitement. A child who wins at marbles, or a boy who scores at football might scream out "OBAMA!!!!!!" to express their pleasure. The inaugural speech was like a religious occasion, punctuated with exclaimations like "Lead us Obama!!!!" or "African Unity Now Obamaaaaaa!!!!".

Only the 'Booooos' for W were louder and more heartfelt.

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  1. yay! what an opportunity - and an unusual viewpoint.

    (keep forgetting to ask you on the's the sheo-elephant? i miss her....but i'm glad she went with you.)