Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Tale of Two House Guests

Everything you've ever heard about bugs in Africa is true. They are everywhere; on every surface, in every corner, constantly buzzing around. Most of them are small, but there are the big ones.

I am living in a house for male visitors in the orphanage's visitor compound. Because I am the only man here, I have the place to myself.... sort of. I have identified 2 roommates whom I had not expected. The first is a large roach named Sam who lives under the stove in my kitchen. Sam is about the size of my thumb and is basically a quiet guy. I like him more than I expected but I don't feel we connect on any special level.

My other roommate is a gecko named Quentin who roams the house eating bugs. I must say I really like the guy. There are many small geckos about, Quentin is the largest. He's about 4" long and thin, and I am always impressed at Quentin's speed and agility. The guy can shoot from one side of a large room to the other, using walls, floor or ceiling with equal ease, in a second or so. This can make for a bit of a shock in the early hours of the morning when I am just waking and going to the rest room. However, Quentin seems to be feasting liberally on the insect inhabitants of the house which makes him fine by me. Aside from that he seems to be much more social than Sam, and I often appreciate his quiet company when I am sitting around writing.

I wonder if Sam and Quentin have ever met and, if not, what would happen if they did?

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  1. I would be very happy to have quentin around, I wonder what he thinks of his new gentle giant roommate?
    kisses and misses